Grobo Solid Automated high-tech growing operation Smart-grow App

$2,250.00 $1,999.99

Where sleek meets discreet

Grobo Solid uses hydroponics which means your plant grows in a mix of water, nutrients and air. This lets Grobo optimize the nutrients and lighting for each of our 200+ grow recipes. The result? Your plant grows quickly and produces the highest quality flavors.

Grobo Solid is our most affordable system ever. With a small footprint and an energy efficient design, it’s a perfect fit for your life. Just plug it in and start growing!

Advanced sensors know when your plant’s hungry then automatically give it nutrients and adjust the pH as necessary. The 8-spectrum LED lights are perfectly tuned to grow the highest quality and quantity yields. Just sit back and chill while our sophisticated technology takes care of your grow. (Oh, and did we mention it can dry your plants too?!)

Want to brag about your grow and meet other growers? Join our amazing AllGrowers community and write on the in-app grow journals. Questions?  We’re here with you every step of the way, contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help!

Ships fully assembled