Grobo Premium Hydroponic Automated Growbox with drying (All-in-one)

$2,299.00 $2,199.99

The Grobo Premium is a fully automated hydroponic grow box. It allows you to grow high quality fruits, vegetables and cannabis at the touch of a button. Simply plug it in, plant your seed and watch it’s progress through your app.

The Grobo Premium’s fluid glass means you can check in on your plant and show it off to your friends by clicking a single button on the back of your Grobo.

Grobo Premium uses a hydroponic growing technique called Deep Water Culture which means your plant grows in a mix of water, nutrients and air. This lets Grobo Premium optimize the nutrients and lighting for each of our 300+ grow recipes. The result? Your plant grows quickly and produces the highest quality flavors.

Ready to save money? Grobo Premium produces up to 3oz of extremely high quality produce with every grow. Our 8-spectrum LEDs are energy efficient. Plus, it’s easy to learn. You’ll receive notifications telling you what to do meaning there’s no more wasted time trying to learn how to grow.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour without the labour. Grobo Premium has sensors that can tell when your plant is hungry then automatically doses nutrients and balances pH. The 8-spectrum LED light adjusts automatically to grow the highest quality and quantity. More blue during vegetative growth, more red during flower. Just sit back and chill while our sophisticated technology takes care of your grow. (Oh, and did we mention it can dry your plants too?!)